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Rebecca Jasmine

Anyone have exp with this?

I was supposed to start hormones today. I had my doctors appointment, drove the 20 miles to the clinic, and was nervously waiting in the waiting room waiting for my life to begin. After 17 years of hoping and waiting I was going to begin the physical journey of becoming my self. I met with the doctor and she informed me that the Idaho Medical board does not approve of hormone therapy for trans gendered persons and that she could lose her license if she helps me. So for right now my transition has been derailed by a group of bigoted idiots in Idaho. At the moment paperwork is inbound from the ACLU so that I can file a complaint and I am also looking at pursuing litigation. I am also looking at moving in the next month or so to a more TG friendly sate. I cannot begin to tell you how profoundly this hurts, but I will rise from this. Nothing is going to stop me.

Peace Love and Carrots

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I have over the last few years run into similar situations with doctors. Before transitionit was near impossible to get anyone to administer hormone therapy. One reason so many go off shore for hormones and self medicate.

Even after full trnasition, I have had doctors deny application, or services because I am transsexual. My last doctor told me he was uncomfortable writing my perscriptions and could not find a doctor to take me as a patient. I live in Atlanta! He suggested I would have to leave town to find medical care. Since this was at a clinic in one of Atlanta's largest hospitals, I am assuming it was for religious reasons. For the moment I am without medical care, and again, self medicating..... Sorry, but to be transsexual, you have to have resolve and be tough! Regardless, it is worth the effort, but do have caution. I know of no successfully transition MtF who has not at least once attempted suicide. Get in a transition group, or find a transitioned mentor, someone who can monitor your transition.

Hope this helps. Stellewriter
Portland, OR has great resources for transgered males and females. You could see a therapist (whom is FTM), get your letter in one visit (given that you've lived ur life as male to the fullest of your capability), then go to a free/cheaper clinic to see the endocrinologist (1st FRI of every month) and get a script for T. We also have a compound testosterone maker here (Stroheckers) where you can get your Rx filled (they even do shipping.. so if you get your first Rx filled, you can get your refils sent to ID)

hope you find peace and a light at the end of the tunnel. best of luck.