Kat Ho (dogmatickat) wrote in translegal,
Kat Ho

Employment discrimination and Title VII

Hi everyone,

I am writing a law article about transgenders and why they should be protected by Title VII. Please let me know what your thoughts are. I was very excited to find this journal, but then noticed there were no posts...
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Hi, thank you for your response and i am sorry I meant no offense. I dont like labels, but I am unsure what to call (trans-people?) without offending everyone. Nonetheless, yes, i have looked into the Americans with Disabilities Act, have discussed it with my professor, and have also researched case law for it. Unfortunately, the terrain in terms of ADA does not look as good as title VII. I would have liked to have argued both, but was unsure in the short time period i have whether or not I would have enough time to be as thorough as I would if I covered one topic. Although, hopefully I may argue to cover both because it is a severe injustice to keep anyone from having equal protection and I was appalled with the placement of the exclusion of certain groups merely because of their sexual orientation.

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thank you for all your help. You've been really generous. I hope I'll be able to help out with this issue, because something has to change. Even though I know it'll be quite a while before it happens. ( hopefully not that long)